Power generation projects, electric utilities, and co-ops can have high initial costs. Smart capital borrowing can make getting started – and keeping the momentum – a little easier.
As with any business, an oil or gas business is only as strong as its operations. At Prudential Private Capital, we understand that Midstream is the crucial link between production and consumption, and we are eager to fund and advise your company through this vital stage.

One third of our energy portfolio is midstream, and we have the capacity and appetite to invest in all levels of the capital structure with no fund holding requirements.  

Based in Dallas, Texas, our Energy Finance team:
  • Includes 13 investment professionals – focused on midstream & upstream
  • Core energy investment managers average more than 15 years of experience with us
  • New investment appetite of approximately $1 billion, annually
  • We offer decentralized, streamlined authority to structure and price new financings and modify terms after closing
our people

Your person is your person.

“What's unique about our business model is the fact that we have one point of contact throughout the entire lifecycle of a transaction.”

callie hamilton
vice president
Typical size
  • Senior debt: $10 - $400 million
  • Mezzanine debt: $10 - $50 million
  • Equity: $10 - $50 million
Scale & commitment
  • 13 experienced investment professionals
  • Average tenure of investment staff is 15 years
  • Committed capital through all market cycles
  • Debt and equity appetite in excess of $1 billion, annually
Structural characteristics
  • Investment grade and below investment grade debt; typically, fixed-rate, long-term senior notes, and floating-rate financings
  • Secured or unsecured financing ability
  • Tenor beyond traditional bank market capacity
  • Junior capital: second lien, mezzanine and non-control equity investment capacity
  • Energy infrastructure, project finance, joint venture, financing, and equity participation capabilities
Issuer benefits
  • Single-source financing relationship, which allows for post-closing continuity
  • Can receive both debt and equity capital in the same transaction
  • Broad investment interest allows participation in project, joint venture and structured financings
  • Can receive financing on either an asset- or cashflow basis
  • Long-term investment horizons
Portfolio Companies
We have an investment portfolio of $8.1 billion in the oil & gas industry as of 6.30.20.
Meet the team
Matt Douglass, CFA
Executive Managing Director
Brian Thomas
Managing Director of
Energy Finance - Oil & Gas
Brittany Braden, CFA
Vice President
oil & gas
Chris Halloran
Senior Vice President
direct lending
Callie Hamilton, CFA
Vice President
oil & gas
Brian Lemons, CFA
Senior Vice President
oil & gas
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